When the pain flares up, she’s in bed for days at a time.

For 15 years, Van Dyke has dealt with fibromyalgia. “When I would tell people I have this disorder,” Van Dyke said, “they’d push me aside. It’s just too much rejection.” The big dating Web sites weren’t any help, either.

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Despite living with multiple sclerosis for 25 years, she says, she’s happy and fulfilled.

And, of course, the dating scene has changed quite a bit in the past decade alone; younger people meet online and wallpaper their profiles with “selfies.” “Although the ‘selfie’ is now widely accepted, there are some older singles who are intimidated by what it seems to signify: that we’ve gone from the ‘Age of Aquarius’ to an age of vanity and superficiality,” says Downey, author of “What Are You Worried About! “It’s one thing to be self-actualized and self-enriched; it’s another to be self-absorbed.” For older singles looking to date — and more, there’s plenty to feel optimistic about, says Downey, who found romance later in life after her husband passed away.

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Sometimes, she feels like her neck, shoulders and legs are on fire.

Just south of Joliet, Ill., 54-year-old Suzie Van Dyke struggles with a painful muscle disease called fibromyalgia.

Many disabled singles are already members and looking for love as well.