MARY WANG, MD, University of California, San Diego, California PATRICIA FONTAINE, MD, MS, Health Partners Institute for Education and Research, Bloomington, Minnesota Am Fam Physician. Early dating of the pregnancy is important for accurately determining when a pregnancy is late- or postterm, and first-trimester ultrasonography should be performed if clinical dating is uncertain.

In the Spring of 2009, several students of UCSD's Jacobs School of Engineering felt that there was a lack of engineering representation in the Greek community on campus.

Luckily an opportunity arose for them to change that. The name was changed to Theta Tau at the fraternity's first national convention at the University of Minnesota in 1911.

We also seek to shape up one’s professional interests to prepare them for their life ahead of college.

We plan various networking opportunities as well as events that provide a sneak peek at different professional careers.

Garcia won the title of “Watermelon Royalty” by winning a pageant with a hip hop jazz dance routine, which she performed again at the site of the drop.

“So I go to the seventh floor of Urey Hall and throw the watermelon over the edge, and I’m hoping it goes well,” said Garcia.

With a satisfying splat the doomed watermelon exploded on the pavement after a seven story decent from Urey Hall at UCSD.

It was dropped by sophomore Karlee Garcia from Revelle college, who was selected as this year’s “Watermelon Royalty.” The 51st UCSD Watermelon Drop took place at noon on Friday, on the east side of Urey Hall next to the ridge walk.

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She waved at each balcony until she reached the seventh floor, where she paused a moment and tactfully threw the watermelon.