A professional dress code with video interviews is expected, not excused.3.

Pick a quiet place to interview without an elaborate backdrop so that you can be the focal point on the screen.

While to some people the idea of a reunion may seem a bit antiquated, in this "go-go" world of today, being able to get together with your family once a year Superhero movies are timeless tales of larger-than-life characters who possess incredible superhuman talents and strengths.

It is very tempting to watch yourself or your interviewer during a Skype session, but looking directly at the video camera is the only way to maintain direct eye contact with your interviewer.2.

When it comes to what you wear, treat your Skype interview like an in-person interview and dress professionally from head to toe (or at least from head to waist!

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Miss Berelowitz told MPs this move would be the right way to make a ‘start’.

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