I’ve always loved word searches – it was always a blissful afternoon when my elementary school teachers would hand the kids a holiday word search and give us an hour of free time to complete it.

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Today, it’s not just about going to the local department store (though that’s very definitely still popular) – now there are Santa “destinations” and “experiences”.

No longer just a queue and a five minute chat with the main man; there are train rides, story-tellers, magical trails, forest walks, live animals, sleighs, fire engines, Mrs.

I’m a huge fan of educational activities that are also fun, so I created this printable Christmas word search to give my boys some reading and concentration practice.

Christmas in Atlanta is our family’s favorite time of year.

Claus, and gallons of hot chocolate (or if you’re lucky, mulled wine).

Although of course, it all costs a bit more than Santy in Switzers ever did.

Either way, there was usually an elf, usually a present, and always a man in a red suit.

It was quick and easy; a no frills experience, but the highlight of the run-up to Christmas.

We love the lights, the chilly temps in front of a fire with the Christmas tree glowing, photos with Santa and working a few dozen holiday shows into our schedule.