Trail 8 - begins from Margalla Road, F-6/8 (the junction between Margalla Road & Ataturk Avenue).

Men dressed in suits and ties chain smoke as they listen to the electro-funk of Daft Punk, as women in slinky dresses strut across the dance floor."We used to have a good nightlife with bands, drinks and dancing but it's gone," recalls Imtiaz Moghal, the manager of the Metropole Hotel, once one of Karachi's hottest nightspots, but which now lies semi-derelict as it awaits renovation.

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In Karachi's heyday, politicians, young people, belly dancers, foreign diplomats, the cabin crew of foreign airlines and musicians from touring Southeast Asia orchestras were all swept up together in the melee of the city's nightlife."The order of music was that you would warm up and then play some more popular songs, and (then) you played the louder music...

Prices are good but not the cheapest in Islamabad - but if you are looking for a western style shopping trolley experience this is your best bet. Men can walk pretty much anywhere in the city day or night with little to fear.

Lone women will attract male attention, particularly in areas of the city not often frequented by westerners.

You can visit it and have date officially event police will not disturb.

restaurants and cafes can be recognised as dating spots where girls ..

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