If a doctor ever spoke to you in a similar way, it wasn’t the first time that has happened.

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” at a nurse and hurled a bloody surgical sponge at him.

A surgeon threw a scalpel at a Virginia nurse, who told me, “He was angry because I didn’t have a rare piece of equipment he needed, so he endangered me and several others by throwing a tantrum.” , which follows the stories of four nurses and is based on interviews with hundreds of other nurses across the country.

A 2013 Institute for Safe Medication Practices survey found that in the year prior, 87 percent of nurses had encountered physicians who had a “reluctance or refusal to answer your questions, or return calls,” 74 percent experienced physicians’ “condescending or demeaning comments or insults,” and 26 percent of nurses had objects thrown at them by doctors.

Physicians shamed, humiliated, or spread malicious rumors about 42 percent of the surveyed nurses.

But this disturbing problem was one of the more shocking discoveries when nurses pulled back the curtain.

Most nurses have witnessed or been the victims of doctor bullying.

“We are afraid,” writes Jones, stating that being responsible for the lives of sick patients is a scary thing.