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In THunderbird I selected "Import All eml files from a directory" I clicked on the livemail directory (which is where my emails are stored) and Thunderbird did NOTHING. FYI ONLY--I was able to import outlook express stuff from 6 months ago (from XP--pre new vista machine) but that is NOT my current email. Try selecting a folder in Local Folders, you can create one for this, and then try the extension. I asked for help regarding IMPORTING Windows Live Mail into Thunderbird.

I tried both the top level folder livemail (then one where all my email is stored) which has ALL the folders from Thunderbird mail stored as I mentioned above and I even went inside the livemail (mail stored folder) and tired a few of the individual folders including the jsybalsky and outbook and a couple of others. And Windows Mail (and Vista) came out after version 2.0 of Thunderbird was finalized. I was told to "To import messages from MS Windows Live Mail install this extension in Thunderbird --" I did download it and installed it in Thunderbird it gave me the options to "Import All eml files from a directory" NOW if the pointer I was given't for importing Windows Live Mail then that is what I am still seeking help on.

توسط نرم افزار IObit Driver Booster PRO می توانید به راحتی و تنها با چند کلیک ساده از بروز شدن درایورهای سیستم خود آگاه شوید و با دانلود و نصب، درایورهای سیستم خود را بروز نمایید. IObit Driver Booster is the easiest and most effective driver updating tool, that quickly scans your Windows system for out-of-date drivers, then downloads, installs and replaces them with a click.

It protects your computer from software conflicts, hardware failures and resolves system crash problems caused by outdated drivers.X, Eudora, Outlook, Outlook Express I don't have an option for importing Windows Live Mail. Navigate to the just downloaded file and select it. Use the "Import eml files" option from the added submenu under "Tools". C:\Users\Daifne\Local Settings\Microsoft\Windows Mail\Local Folders is where they are on my Vista machine.Of course, "Daifne" would be replaced with your user name.There was no way that importing from Windows Mail could be added after the fact. FYI-Thunderbird (20071031), Windows Live Mail Version 2008 (Build 12.0.1606) is what I have on my vista machine.So can ANYONE help me get my Windows Live Mail into Thunderbird. I am telling you to create a folder in Thunderbird's Local Folders to import into. I hate emails and bulletin boards because people jump to the wrong conclusion all the time.If you’re trying to squeeze the last few megabytes of juice out of your flash drive, you can find some fantastic applications on this website.