And, why is he resorting to calling your mother names? What was he bringing to the table that had you so excited to want to be with him? So, go right ahead and spend another 3 years with this fool and when you’re pregnant, living in your parent’s house, and he’s still at Wendy’s, then you tell me if you should stay?If he didn’t see or want anything better for himself, then you can’t hope and wish he will want it. I recently just had an awakening that this guy is not gonna do anything with his life. He even called my mom a b***h and a whore, which is like a big NO-NO. Now, he’s trying to act like he wants to do something with his life, which in a way it doesn’t seem fair because why did it have to take all of that for him to want to do something. Chile, I know they are kicking themselves everyday wondering how is it that you are their child. After 3 ½ years you finally get an awakening that he is not going to do anything with his life?

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Do you mind if I write about dating and tell people we met on Tinder?

Luckily, now being on the other side of the dating scene and having asked permission from Matt after a few drinks (picture the scene between courses at Tokeyo on Edward Street on Valentines Day - ME: "Babe, I've got something to ask.

On the issue of online dating, or even dating in general, the Bible is void of examples.

That’s because, like the internet, dating as we know it is a relatively new invention that didn’t exist throughout most of human history.

I don’t know how many times I have to say this for ALL OF YOU TO HEAR IT. He probably works part-time, and lives at home with his momma (in the basement), and the little money he makes he spends it on weed, alcohol, and clothes.

No matter how much you may want to be with someone, love them, and hope they will change, IF SOMEONE DOESN’T WANT TO CHANGE OR DO BETTER WITH THEIR OWN LIFE, THEN THERE IS NOTHING YOU CAN DO TO MAKE THEM TO CHANGE OR DO BETTER WITH THEIR OWN LIFE. There are things you can be doing now to prepare for your future.Dear single sisters, I know it’s easy to sit around with our single girlfriends and come up with a list of complaints about singleness (“I have no one to Netflix binge with, I have no one to dance with at weddings, blah blah blah”).To the single girl still waiting: I know your pain.I know your joy and the ups and downs and the rollercoaster of emotions you experience. I know that there are days when you absolutely adore your freedom.The Scriptures do, however, have many wisdom principles that we can apply to these issues.