If you would prefer not to upgrade, this article explains how to make those prompts go away and how to block the Windows 10 upgrade until you decide the time is right, even if that time is "never." It's a 30-second process, involving two simple changes to Windows configuration files.

If you're an IT pro or consultant managing PCs at a small business, you can even automate the process, as I explain in this post.

8, 2017 BCN revises codes managed by evi Core healthcare Guidelines for submitting acute inpatient admission requests to BCN November 2016 BCN requires authorization for additional drugs starting Jan.

August 2017 FAQ on using e-referral system now available for Blue Cross authorization requests BCN Behavioral Health Physician Review Line daytime number is changing effective August 21 Reminder: 2017 Inter Qual criteria delayed until October 2017 July 2017 Clarifying authorization requirements for Blue Cross members Reminder: BCN uses Inter Qual criteria as guidelines in reviewing acute inpatient medical admissions June 2017 For BCN and Blue Cross Medicare Plus Blue PPO, use to reach the Pharmacy Clinical Help Desk Submit only the pertinent medical records for BCN initial inpatient admission requests Register now for July e-referral training webinars for Blue Cross authorization requests Reminder: Effective July 1, additional medical benefit drugs for BCN HMO members are subject to a site-of-care requirement May 2017 2017 Inter Qual criteria delayed until October 2017 Blue Care Network changes authorization requirements for sleep management studies Blue Care Network updates authorization guideline for external ECG monitoring Effective July 1, additional medical benefit drugs for BCN HMO members are subject to a site-of-care requirement April 2017 Providers can schedule phone appointments for evi Core clinical consultations on BCN radiology reviews Be aware of holiday closures when faxing acute inpatient admission requests to BCN Additional information on RC Claim Assist now available to Blue Cross and BCN providers March 2017 BCN reviews inpatient readmissions within 14 days effective Jan.

19, 2017 RC Claim Assist tool is now available January 2017 Use new PT, OT codes when billing BCN for physical and occupational therapy Hospitals must give BCN Advantage members receiving outpatient observation services the Medicare Outpatient Observation Notice Obstetrician-gynecologists can refer BCN and BCN Advantage members to specialists December 2016 BCN will not require authorization for monitored anesthesia care during GI endoscopies starting Jan.

= || Elements By Tag Name('head')[0]; function change Favicon(src) Here's some code I use to add dynamic favicon support to Opera, Firefox and Chrome. Basically Chrome allows dynamic favicons, but it only updates them when the page's location (or an var IE = Agent.index Of("MSIE")!

=-1 var favicon = { change: function(icon URL) , add Link: function(icon URL, rel Value) , remove Link If Exists: function(rel Value) { var links = Elements By Tag Name("link"); for (var i=0; i The only way to make this work for IE is to set you web server to treat requests for *to call your server side scripting language (PHP, . Also setup *to redirect to a single script and have this script deliver the correct favicon file.

1, submit authorization requests for outpatient ECT and TMS services via e-referral but no forms are required ALERT: Phone issues on evi Core's BCN provider line September 2016 Updated BCN authorization criteria and preview questionnaires now available BCN's Behavioral Health e-referral User Guide updated evi Core healthcare to review additional outpatient pain management services for BCN effective Dec.

1 REMINDER: BCN will review inpatient readmissions occurring within 30 days of discharge effective Online self-paced training modules now available Changeover to using Novologix web tool is delayed for BCN providers ALERT: e-referral system is displaying updated BCN knee arthroscopy questionnaires earlier than expected MSU Student and Graduate Assistant Health Plans information Authorization requests for outpatient ECT and TMS services must be submitted via e-referral starting Nov.

After installation, Linux requires configuration and systems administration.

Corporate systems need monitoring, backups, updates, as well as system and user management.

We are now well into the second half of the one-year, free, no-strings-attached upgrade offer that Microsoft has made available for its customers running Windows 7 and Windows 8.1, and the offers are getting more insistent.