However, it could also have been called the Eeee PC, adding 'easy on the wallet' to the end.

At just 9 it is possibly the cheapest firsthand notebook you'll get your hands on, but it doesn't resort to cheap or old technology.

Regards from Tom :)Synaptic Howto to look up and possibly install financial management package, bookkeeping packages and stuff like that to see if there's something already done that you could use as a good starting point.

After a successful boot, you can install Dragon Fly on the SSD or SD-card (WARNING: this erases your SSD or SD-card! Now follow this link and install Dragon Fly on your eeepc 900.

Note that you don't need any swap nor bootblocks to be installed on your system (unmark those default options).

Although its title is about as obscure as Nintendo's Wii, there is a clear and definite purpose to the naming of ASUS's new, ultraportable notebook, the Eee PC.

Its title and slogan are one and the same; easy to learn, easy to work and easy to play, or Eee, sums up this little nugget fairly well.

The easiest way to install Dragon Fly on an eee is to use the USB memory stick image.

Download file, open it with xarchiver (or similar). Use dd on unix-like systems (or a similar program on Windows) eg.: Pressing "Escape" on the BIOS boot screen allows you to select the boot device (use your USB key).At 225 by 35 by 165mm, it's about the size of a hardback book, and weighs 920g.Its petite dimensions give it a toy-like appearance, but this is countervailed by the pearl-white finish, which gives it a touch of sophistication.Altouth it is recommended not to use HAMMER on small drives (below 50GB), you can use HAMMER with eeepc 20GB ssd drive without a problem.Once Dragon Fly is installed, reboot and login as root.In fact it is one of the few notebooks currently available that uses a solid state drive, even if it only has a 4GB capacity.