In the spirit of giving back, a portion of proceeds from speaking engagements and book sales are donated to organizations that help families transition through divorce.

The nicest compliment I receive about my first book is that people feel like they are sitting down with me talking over a cup of coffee. I wrote my second book to continue sharing my perspectives on love, marriage, dating, parenting … I still want you to feel like you are sitting down talking with me over a cup of coffee.

Black Fathers, NOW is the time to Step up and be ALL that you were called to be as a Father!

Having a disability doesn’t make you 'different' here - it is your unique personality that does that.

If your neurological disorder results in only mental impairment or if you have a co-occurring mental condition that is not caused by your neurological disorder (for example, dementia), we will evaluate your mental impairment under the mental disorders body system, 12.00.

Here you’ll find posts on Islamic love, marriage, dating, and all of that good stuff!

Part auto-biography/part self-help, Monique’s first book, “The High Road Has Less Traffic: honest advice on the path through love and divorce,” (2010) shared her personal journey through divorce.

Last week, we asked how many of you would be celebrating Valentine’s Day at church with a love, marriage, dating, sex, etc. Here’s what you had to say: 25% of you are jumping on the opportunity.

You’re looking to convince the world that the Bible has something to say about this whole love thing. But by far, the big winner are those of you who are kicking love to the curb this Valentine’s Day.

Description: Multicolored hearts fall in a perfectly seamless worship background loop (no fade! Use for songs, sermons, and talks on love, marriage, dating, relationships, romance, sexuality, and more.

Great at Valentine’s Day and for use at banquets, wedding receptions, etc.

She is not a divorce attorney, nor a clinical psychologist, or a marriage therapist …