Miss Hamrouni, who dated Kaituni for two years until last April, told the Sunday Times: ‘Tarek told me Andrew had put him together with Biwater because the company was having some problems dealing with the Libyans.Tarek went to Libya and spoke to people there but then he didn’t get paid a commission by Biwater. ‘He asked Andrew to help and there was a dinner in Paris where Andrew spoke to someone from Biwater and told them he thought they should pay Tarek.

Tarek Kaituni gave the young royal a gold pendant with a solitaire diamond after he was invited by Prince Andrew to her 21st birthday party in Spain in August 2009, his former girlfriend has revealed.

Manel Hamrouni spoke out for the first time this weekend – and claimed Andrew played a role in introducing his friend Kaituni to representatives of the Greater Manchester-based water treatment firm Biwater, who he had met during an official trip to Libya in his role as UK trade envoy in 2007.

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A gun-smuggling Libyan fixer and friend of the Duke of York presented Princess Beatrice with an £18,000 necklace months before the duke allegedly lobbied a British company on his behalf, it has been claimed.

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Three other Libyan soldiers from the same base, Ibrahim El Maarfi, 21, Mohammed Abdalsalam, 27, and Khaled El Azibi, 19, were also jailed for sexually attacking four women in the same night in Cambridge last October.

After the rape allegations came to light in November, 300 of the Libyan troops - a mix of established armed forces, new recruits and former revolutionaries - were sent home early, amid further reports of disturbances around the base and a 'collapse of discipline' on it.

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