We also use it to show your mutual connections, build your profile, and verify users are who they claim they are.

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We would never intentionally notify your friends or post on your timeline or anything crazy like that. Other info like current city, hometown, likes, interests, and education are things we use to match you more effectively, but we can only get this information if you grant us the permissions on Facebook.

The League is designed to cater to people who want privacy and control over who can view their dating profile.

Linked In is a social media site full of hot, career-minded singles ready to mingle — despite its claim to be a site for "professional networking."Linked In says its mission is "to connect the world's professionals to make them more productive and successful." But what about making them fall in LOVE?

Because Linked In already feels a little like a dating site — you can add a photo, and it lets you see who viewed your profile — I decided to see if I could use it like one.

I guess I am a recruiter — my very own love recruiter.

Just like so many dating sites, you have to fork over money if you really want to get into it.Unfortunately, Linked In doesn't have any filters for relationship status or sexual orientation.So you just have to go by photo hotness, kind of like on Tinder.It seems as though a common interest in Beastie Boys IS a statistically significant indicator for love…. Upon logging in, we store your Facebook friends so that we can block you from them.Please see our Privacy Policy below for more information on how we use, disclose, and store your personal information in order to do this.It’s up to you to get to know him or her to see whether there’s chemistry between you. Whether you’re looking to close a deal or to find a soul mate, it starts with relationship building.