Mercury (Hg) concentrations and Hg isotopic composition were investigated in three sediment cores in Lake Michigan (LM).

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Overall, this study suggests that sedimentary Hg isotopes maybe a useful tracer in understanding Hg sources and history of Hg contamination in large lakes. Blum; Department of Earth & Environmental Sciences, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan, United States Guest Editor: Robert Mason; University of Connecticut, United States).

Upon entering aquatic ecosystems, Hg may undergo complex reactions and transformations including oxidation, reduction, evasion to the atmosphere as gaseous Hg(0), binding to organic matter in the water column, and adsorbing to particles and depositing to sediments ().

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Historical trends of Hg influxes suggest increased Hg deposition began in the 1890s in Green Bay and in the early 1800’s in offshore LM.

Recently deposited sediment reflecting more anthropogenic influence shows similar δHg values (-0.02 to 0.27‰) was observed from inner Green Bay to the offshore of LM, which may indicate increased input of atmospheric Hg and decreased watershed inputs along this transect.

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