An enthusiastic secularist as a young man, he decided in 1886-87 that 'mere bible-smashing' was inadequate, and became the leading figure in the group of eight men who founded the Australian Socialist League on in Sydney. L., which contained socialists of widely differing viewpoints, in the late 1880s Mc Namara espoused 'Modern Socialism': the belief that socialism could and should be achieved by workers voluntarily forming co-operatives, and gradually wresting control of society from private capitalists.He later worked as an organizer of the Amalgamated Shearers' Union of Australasia. An imposing figure, with dark hair and a large black beard, he became the league's most accomplished orator.

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Their uncanny ability to finish each other’s sentences, to know what the other is thinking before they have a chance to speak reveals a bond that many thought had ended with childhood.

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He did not marry and died on 19 October, 1958, aged 63.

After the war he returned to Brooklyn but I am not sure of his occupation after the war.

She had in her possession a more conventional photo of her beloved boys when she packed to come home from Paris on August 30, 1997, when a reunion with William and Harry was very much on her mind.

She hadn’t seen them for more than a month and it was a last chance for the three of them to be together before the boys went back to school. She had learned that plans were being made for William, 15, to appear before the cameras for an official photo-call ahead of his return to Eton. When she discovered that the plan did not include her 12-year-old younger son, she fired off an angry reminder to royal aides that this would flout the carefully constructed agreement she and Charles had over the upbringing of their sons.One of the things I mentioned was that while a lot of the loudest public voices had reacted defensively to my October column in , I received dozens of private messages from lay women and men, priests, seminarians, diocesan employees, and others whose personal experiences resonated with the piece.This week Professor Pat Mc Namara wrote an essay about his personal experience of the culture of clericalism at a major US seminary, which has circulated privately on Facebook and elsewhere. Mc Namara if he would be willing to share this as a guest post on my blog. I believe this reflection offers another important perspective that has not yet been made as public as the defensive voices.His colourful rhetoric was characterized by satire and sarcasm.The industrial militancy of the early 1890s convinced Mc Namara that the way forward to socialism was now through the ever-expanding union of workers, with community control of production, distribution and exchange, 'thus doing away with, for ever, the inevitable starvation, crime and destitution'.Sometimes they were serious and formal, and sometimes the boys dressed for fun.