From ” If she isn’t a geek goddess, Alison Haislip is at least somewhere in Pippa territory when it comes to the mouth-breathing, headset-wearing group of young men who, come to think of it, tend to discover beautiful young women well before the rest of us.

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In October 2007, Haislip landed at G4 after being told by a G4 employee, who was a patron where she worked as a bartender, that she would be a great fit at the network.

Extremely hot and gorgeous Alison Haislip born on February 6, 1981 is an American actress and a former television correspondent.

New Jersey girl Alison always had aspired to become an actor from her earliest years. Extremely focused with what she wanted out of life, she graduated from Boston College.

She didn’t immediately found work, so in order to make her a living; she had to work as a bartender.

It was about that time when she landed at G4 in October 2007 after being told by a G4 employee that she would be a great fit at the network.

Then in the following year, she was appointed as a full timer.

She then started serving the show as a fill in host for Olivia Munn.

Tech News went on indefinite hiatus as a part of the network's financial cutbacks.