The couple called it quits barely two months into their marriage, which led to heavy criticism about Kim’s reputation as a lover.But, the marriage had definitely got Kim great additions to her net worth.

For starters, The Improper blog via Perez Hilton points out that in the scene:– Windows are totally blacked out– No visible lights and the scene has low lighting– Scene seems contrived, and could have been staged to gain sympathy for Kim It gets even better as two body language experts for the Hollywood Life blog stated the scene was fake based on the body language and the reaction of Kris to Kim’s bombshell about her marital issues.“[This seems] completely phony, staged and emotionless for someone who is not happy about a marriage,” Dr. “Plus, Kris’ dialogue is just that like of a bad actress giving bad dialogue.

There is too much pause time between the answers and her reaction shows no surprise and a matter of factness monotone — much like Kim’s indicative non-genuineness.”Also, raising a red flag was Kris’ reaction to her daughter’s bad news.

That's right, Perezcious readers, Kim got all sorts of schmoopy on the social networking site as she posted a message and a photo collage of their love on display (above)!

Along with the pic, Kim tweeted: Awww, but she forgot baby daddy! We sure do hope this is a sign their love is stronger than ever because they'll want to stick together as their lives flips upside down when they become a party of three!

In 2006, while starring in an alleged sex tape of her and her ex-boyfriend Ray-J went viral.

Due to the sex tape leak, Kim got dumped by her then-boyfriend Nick Canon.She had to face harsh taunts from the media who defined her current fame and success as a result of that sex-tape leak.People started calling Kim derogatory names relating to her sexuality, which is typical for our male-dominated society as many Hollywood men have been known to do just the same in order to get famous yet are seldom ever penalized out for it.We’re all aware that when it comes to dating life in Hollywood, Kim Kardashian has always grabbed the top spot.Kim Kardashian’s dating history is definitely one of the most talked about topic of the last decade, particularly some of her explicit affairs and long-time relationships with several of the A-list bachelors of show business.“She is smiling while her daughter is sharing this terrible news,” says body language expert Patti Wood. She isn’t leaning toward Kim to show her support or trying to comfort her in any way.”Still need more proof that the above photo of Kim was taken in December?