Buster then tells the viewers to never ever call a girl chubby.

1933 to 1935 - Full strength beer was made legal in December 1933. 1935.1935 to 1936 - The label at right, without the alcohol statement, was in use from August '35 until April 1936, when the "brewed by Cereal Products Refining Corp." was removed from the label (see above), and "Acme Breweries" replaced "California Brewing Assn." 1937 to 1940 - The first major change in the background graphics is made, and the stein girl moved to the left, plus a single, enlarged, lower banner with the word "Beer" was added - dropping the word "Lager." This version also carried the notation: "Non-Fattening" in red, placed between "Acme" and "Beer." They were soon ordered to remove the claim from the label but continued using it in their advertising.

The label, at left, reads: "over 5½% alcohol by volume." In August, 1935 the newly formed Federal Alcohol Administration mandated that alcohol strength can not be specified on beer labels. 1940 to 1946 - Further simplifications were made to the label's background graphics by removing the figures above and to the right of the "Acme" banner, and the font for the capital letter "B" was simplified.

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1942 to 1946 - Just four months into WWII, bottle caps were being rationed and Acme promoted buying quarts to save caps.

Their slogan in print ads was: "Party Size for the Economy-Wise." See the second 1942 ad below.

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Buster and Babs do another public service announcement episode, with the topic being how to get a date.

Much later, legend has it that Columbus brought some starter on his voyages to the Americas.

Sourdough can be made anywhere, but San Francisco sourdough is popularly regarded as the best.

The indigenous yeasts in the air, the temperature, the humidity, perhaps even the water all contribute to its unique flavor.