Rezko was the guy Hillary Clinton claimed Obama was spending a little too much time with...

You might recall that Drew Griffin kept him honest for us last week...

So cute :) Here's wishing Isha and her new husband all love and happiness as they embark on life's journey together.

She is one of three children, with an older sister and a younger brother.

Her mother is Dr Kadi Sesay, a former lecturer at Fourah Bay College. Sesay in 1992 was appointed as an advisor to the government of Valentine Strasser.

When she reached age of 16, she returned to UK for his higher studies.

In London, she was enrolled at Trinity College, Cambridge where she earned her degree in English.

And then we partied the night away." According to the news, Isha's husband took over the honeymoon planning and kept the location a secret from her.

Her tweets show she just found out this morning at the airport!So watch Anderson and the CNN political gang tonight for full coverage...Also, if your Grandpa was a thief and your Daddy was a thief, sorry folks but chances are YOU will be one, TOO!Check out the new study in Mexican officials issued an arrest warrant for Cesar Laurean, he was last seen in that country...And speaking of jail, Chicago authorities arrested Antoin "Tony" Rezko.In addition, she was the presenter of the 360 Bulletin on Anderson Cooper 360°.