This is a true story, which I am letting my friend write for me. Even though I am 40, my body is shapely, 38D-26-36, long dark auburn brown hair.

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At the age of 40, Aaron Smyth was glad he had entered the field of education, enjoying the opportunity to develop the inquisitive minds of young teenagers.

In fact, his wife Susan was a teacher also, their common interest in education had drawn them together after introductions were made at a party they had attended.

Aaron suspected that Susan was seeing other guys when they had first met but she was quite mum about it and he didn't want to pry too much.

It was Erin who let it slip one day that her mother had found out about her father's ongoing affair with a coworker of his and that had ended the marriage.Apparently, granny panties are also making a comeback, and now tons of girls are getting in on the old lady action by swapping out their skimpy thongs for a pair of old-school, grandma-approved bloomers.Full coverage briefs are now the new “it” style of underwear, as more and more girls opt for comfort rather than impressing others by flashing a piece of floss between their cheeks. The New York Times recently reported thong sales have dropped 7 percent in the last year, while the sale of briefs, boy shorts and high-waisted panties have increased by 17 percent.Recently, a bunch of girls redefined the meaning of “going grey” by dyeing their in all sorts of silver shades for the “granny hair” trend.However, gorgeous gray hair isn't the only trend inspired by the elderly that's gaining traction these days.I found myself gravitating to stories where wives take on black lovers.