Since the creation of Luxe Matchmaking, we have helped countless singles find love. We have a unique, and very personal connection to small towns and rural communities as well.Just ask our Luxe Matchmaking founder, April Davis!

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Wherever it is, the hometown charm of Rockville will have you rocking a smile. Your new boo might be one of them, and riding around town makes for a great date. Meridian has recently experienced huge growth, and it’s no wonder why.

A vibrant and friendly environment, there are numerous city parks, awesome shopping opportunities, the Meridian Speedway and a thriving downtown scene to keep your days interesting while you look for “the one.” Considering there are already more than 30,000 singles, imagine what this city growth will do for your relationship chances!

If you want to meet men and women who work hard for success no matter what, and who are dating with long-term love in mind, then the choice for you is Elite Singles. Meeting singles on your wavelength isn't easy – no matter where you are in the US.

But there’s a special level of difficulty for those outside of the big cities.

The scenery, recreational opportunities and number of singles are just the tip of the snow-capped mountain. Just as lovely as its name implies, Pleasanton allows you to enjoy performing arts, fantastic dining and unique shops, all while you search for your next SO.

A low cost of living and higher-than-average wage make St. You two can enjoy every little bit of this little city, from the library to the golf course!” April Davis Founder & President of Luxe Matchmaking, Luxe Matchmaking April and our Luxe Matchmaking team understand country living; hunting, motor sports, fishing, farming, etc.and our team can relate well to people from these areas.What’s a small city dweller to do when it seems big city folks have all the luck in love? To help you out, we scoured the country for these smaller, single-filled cities.Using MONEY’s annual list of the best places to live, as well as comparing total population numbers and the amount of singles, we narrowed it down even further to create our final 15.Ordering is important during a first date meal: "Men don't want a diva or someone who has a whole list of foods they cannot eat, like 'I don't eat gluten, I don't eat salt, I don't eat meat, I'm on the Paleo Diet.' It can be really boring."3.