I followed (sort of) the instructions for this article. Using a "hex" editor and examining the file "unattend.txt", I found the key ID number toward the end of the file. Since my Toshiba (A-75) went south, I have been trying to get my Auto CAD back up running.Home MS-MVP OE Newsreader Move XP Format XP Clean Install XP XP Repair Install XP FAQ Restore F. The utility "Viewkey XP" showcased by the web page title no longer works with XP SP 2 and has been removed, but there are multiple key retrieval options that will accomplish the same thing.

xp updating product key-12

' ' WMI Script - Change ' ' This script changes the product key on the computer ' '*************************************************************************** ON ERROR RESUME NEXT if Wscript.arguments.count Set re = New Reg Exp re. Ignore Case = True If Is Empty(VOL_PROD_KEY) Then 'user pressed Cancel Else If Not re.

Imagine the following scenario: your Windows XP system somehow becomes unbootable and after exhausting all possible fixes, you determine that you are going to have to wipe your hard drive and start over with a fresh install of Windows XP.

Sometimes it becomes necessary to change the product key of Windows XP, but by default XP doesn’t provide any option to do that.

As a result, many people may decide to re-install the operating system itself which is often a tedious and time consuming task .

Stick in your Windows XP Installation CD, then, when the XP Install Splash Screen pops up, click Exit. I tried to do as the instruction above, I found file and open it but I could not find any words or numbers on Product Key line [User Data] Full Name = "Your User Name" Org Name = "Your Organization Name" Computer Name = * Product Key = "" I love you, in a platonic way thank you for the help.

you guys can always use a 3rd party software to locate your original product key. PLEASE ALL OF YOU WHO REPORT THIS AS A FIX, STOP PERPETUATING THIS LIE. However, here is a small hack using which it is possible to change the Windows XP product key without the need for re-installing it.This makes it possible to input a new product key and make your OS genuine.One should need to login on the administrator account of the computer.It includes simple steps and even a beginner can do it.as for windows 98 Microsoft does not support it anymore so you could probably find a keygen for it when it comes to using one for software that they don't support anymore they really don't care WHY DO YOU ALL CONTINUE TO PRINT THAT THIS KEY IN UNATTEND.