But it pointed out that the porn sites themselves would only harm their own business if any of that data leaked.

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His songs, while raising the roof, raise eyebrows and spark debate about everything from xenophobia to homophobia, dominating charts in the former Yugoslavia and Italy.

He has crafted songs that unabashedly chant Magnifico is queer and parody Slovenes insults for Southern Slavs, tracks meant to shock, critique, and amuse.

But they are not the same as hackers, who could theoretically access information about membership to porn sites.

Vice said hackers would be more likely to sell the credit card information than release it online for no gain.

Dressed to the nines in a retro-chic suit, Slovenia's Magnifico (Robert Peut) gyrates with Euro irony and sultry smoothness,backed by a burst of Balkan brass and a chorus of go-go dancers.

The bad boy cum hit maker glories in the pleasures of pan-European English, pop culture, and the sillier side of porn, all with a distinctly Slavic wink.

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Porn viewers’ online browsing habits could be exposed by hackers – leading to the biggest internet privacy scandal since nude celebrity photos were leaked last year.