Legal experts say the prosecution is unusual, with one pointing out that police access people's Facebook accounts "all the time", through technology used to fight cyber crime.

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Protege: Prince and Vanity on a 1983 Rolling Stone cover (right).

They dated for a few years, during which Prince renamed her Vanity, instead of Denise Matthews.

Legal experts say the key issues likely to make the case different from people fooling around with their friends' Facebook accounts are those of consent and criminal intent.

Wellington barrister Michael Bott said the prosecution would have to prove that the former officer illegally accessed the account without consent, and would also have to show criminal intent.

This will come as good news to the legions of old-VH fans mourning the group's hastily aborted reunion effort of the mid '90s.

Roth's voice still oozes with sleaze, and his charisma is palpable, even if he can't scream with the authority of days past.

"My game is better than ever / Winners, they come and go / Legends, they're forever," he boasts on "Slam Dunk!

" while his backup musicians play a galloping, surging rhythm that sounds much like early Van Halen.

Because, even though the world is full of normal and pretty women, the world we see – the world of television, films, magazines and websites – is full of women who are top-of-the-scale beauties. That’s why men want their female partners to be a bit younger than they are.