Those questions were being asked even at the time Mrs Edwards was named as a ‘local hero’ in the Queen’s New Year’s honours list, when KCTMO had already been accused of a litany of safety failures which had turned Grenfell Tower into a ‘catastrophe’ waiting to happen.

Nevertheless, she was nominated, with breathtaking hubris, by Robert Black, 57, chief executive of KCTMO, who praised her ‘strategic leadership’ which had gained the ‘respect of both residents and the local council’.

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Tragically, many of those ‘residents’ were caught up in the dreadful scenes early on Wednesday morning — and there aren’t many who don’t believe the tragedy could have been prevented.

Few residents, now or then, view Mrs Edwards and her colleagues as ‘local heroes’.

When the Sprint/Nextel merger was completed, the Sprint headquarters was home to more than 14,000 employees.

The company has downsized over the years and now subleases some of the corporate space to other companies like JP Morgan and Care Centrix.

there is not going to be one single network that is the reason [consumers] won’t subscribe,” Stankey said.

“Whether they can get CBS primetime shows is not going to be a determining factor.” Direc TV Now offers more than 120 national channels in the highest-priced tier, plus than 20,000 on demand titles and premium channels HBO, Cinemax and Starz (but not CBS-owned Showtime).

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CBS sells its own OTT service, CBS All Access, available in most U. Under the latest expansion, the OTT service is adding Fox’s affiliate in Juneau, Alaska.

According to the telco, by the end of August, it plans to have agreements in place with local broadcasters to add even more stations, representing three times the number of local live channels available since Direc TV Now’s launch.

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