This method is used only if you want to unroot or reinstall an official firmware in case you’re using a Custom ROM.Odin can also be used if you want to install another country’s firmware on your device.

updating samsung-10

One of the best things about the Android Os is the fact that it is constantly evolving.

This means that the cell phone makers from time to time makes available new updates.

Personally I have never lost anything even though I have updated many phones many times but remeber the old saying, better safe than sorry.

Check out our backup Android contacts tutorial and the backup Android pictures tutorial. Your phone will now connect to the Samsung servers and check if there are any updates available for your phone.

If you need help on how to use Odin or a second opinion, check out the Updato forum.

Is your Samsung phone shutting off unexpectedly, crashing apps, or acting buggy?

If there are any you simply have to follow the on screen instructions.

If no updates are available at this time you will get a message saying : The latest updates have already been installed.

That was about a year ago and I never bothered to connect the phone to the Internet or see if Samsung has released a newer firmware for the device.

That changed today when I decided to find out how to update the phone's firmware.

Since you can’t be expected to buy a brand new smartphone every time a new feature is rolled out, manufacturers promise to bring a software update every now and then.