As your brother in arms, I recognize your agony; after all, hitting on Lebanese ladies is a daunting task that might leave you with an empty pocket, shattered ego and a jar of Vaseline next to your bed.For that I have sacrificed countless years from my youth and developed this dating bible to serve a great cause for my gender I know you’re skeptical and reserved about this guide Bro.This was not the world Samer grew up in, dominated by Sunday mass, village gossip, and the sanctity of virginity.

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Still, there are plenty of Lebanese dating service websites in operation, as is obvious by the number of ads for the sites that appear in the margin of web pages in Lebanon.

Zoosk, Adultfriendfinder, Lebanonhearts, Arablounge, Plentyoffish and Mate1 are just some of the sites that offer young Lebanese the chance to meet like-minded compatriots.

Once in Lebanon, however, the women’s passports are usually confiscated until their contract is over.

There is no precise data on the super nightclub industry’s revenues, but Jad estimates that he makes a maximum profit of $30,000 a month.

As luck would have it, all the horrible things that villagers say about the city happened to Samer: he discovered drinking, smoking, dancing, and, worst of all, a gay scene. He found lovers, boyfriends, and casual sex partners.

Samer was a little boy in a proverbial candy shop, except this little boy had never even seen a candy shop before.A few weeks ago, I woke up to a message from my best friend Samer canceling our lunch plans: “Mom passed away last night.Going to the village.” Samer had been living in Beirut for about eight years. If there’s no chemistry, no hard feelings,” Charbel tells any girl he decides to meet in person after starting up a relationship on the wildly popular social-networking site Facebook.Charbel, 24, has been on Facebook for the past two years and has two accounts – one for friends and family, and the other exclusively for finding girls.The human race landed on the moon, reconstructed the big bang, brought to light the Theory of evolution and where the fuck we came from….still hasn’t figured out what women want & how to deal with them.