A few years ago, a couple girlfriends and I started talking about getting together.

Life had taken us in different directions and we were living in opposite corners of the country.

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From the city of Avalon to the rustic village of Two Harbors, experience the Island for yourself - explore the rugged back country where the bison roam, enjoy the most stylish in dining experiences, conquer the rush of thrilling adventures, and relax on the sand with the gentle rhythm of the ocean.

When you’re on Island Time, you’re always having the time of your life.

A passion for distinctive properties in coastal and historic Rhode Island.

A commitment to the fine art of delivering exceptional results for all our clients.

Last Tango In Paris was undoubtedly one of the most influential - and controversial - films of the last century.

Starring Marlon Brando, then aged 48 and exuding aggressive masculinity, and Maria Schneider, a 19-year-old French unknown, it featured one of the most infamous movie sex scenes ever filmed.At the time I was also volunteering for the Peckham and Nunhead Film Festival.I had always been passionate about film and wanted to do film related activities in my spare time.Catalina Island is a picture perfect paradise and a world apart from the hustle and bustle of the mainland just 22 miles away.The air is refreshing, the water is clear, the community is casual and friendly, and there's not one traffic light on the whole Island.This was were I met the Women in Film group and with them began organising our yearly event.