His net worth value of 8 million dollars, along with his huge fan following is a proof of his success and fame.

He performed for his high school band, Cadence, and for Brian Craddock and Matt Jagger.

He was lead singer and guitarist for the band, Absent Element - their album “Uprooted” included the songs “Conviction” and “Breakdown”.

no.: EACX02 First Aired: November 6, 2016 Guest Starring: Mark-Paul Gosselaar Featuring: Chris Griffin Also Appearing: Peter, Lois, Meg, Brian, Stewie, Quagmire, Joe, Bonnie, Cleveland, Donna, Rallo, Carter, Babs, Mort, Neil Goldman, Seamus, Rupert, Tom Tucker, Principal Shepherd, Kara Morris, Brenda Mc Guire, Morty, Zack Morris, Kanye West, Bill Cosby, Judd Hirsch, Taylor Swift Musical Numbers: Me, Taylor, The Boy in the Giant Tux Director: Brian Iles Assistant Director: Ivaylo Angelov Writers: Artie Johann Storyboarders: Helen Kim, Michael Marren, Eric Sanford Plot: When Chris is shot down by his female classmates when he tries to ask for a date to the school homecoming dance, Stewie advises him to ask Taylor Swift, who promptly agrees.

But after a sweet night, Brian makes the family aware of a music video that Bonnie shared by Swift in which she trashes Chris.

Slowly, a single tear courses unchecked down his pale cheek. I loved her then and, well, I still do today,’ he adds, his head bowed. Clearly, too, her loss has brought back memories of another tragic death: that of Mark Blanco, a struggling actor and an acquaintance of Doherty, who fell to his death from the balcony of a London block of flats where both were partying in December 2006.

‘This is difficult for me to admit,’ he says, shifting uncomfortably. ‘But towards the end, as only lovers can, she became quite mean and cruel to me. Today, it seems, Doherty is in revelatory mood about much that he has always kept private.

Taylor Swift agrees to go to a homecoming dance with Chris.

Season: 15 Episode: 05 Total Episode Count: 274 Prod.

Chris Daughtry was born Christopher Adam Daughtry to Sandra and James Daughtry.