This highly complex epic may be summarized as follows: Rama is challenged by a series of tests that involve battles with kings and demons.

For that matter, if he was “Greek”, which “Greece” did he live in? if Ram of the epic poem Ramayana was an “Indian”, where was this “India” situated?

The so-called Ram Setu A ship that wishes to sail from the Arabian Sea to the Bay of Bengal has to pass through the Indian Ocean to the south of Sri Lanka.

Ballads about Rama were widely song by Valmiki's times, especially in the courts of northern and eastern India.

Valmiki incorporated these ballads into a long poem about a warrior king, his wife, and his companions, entitling it Ramayana, The Wonderings of Rama.

Assuming an average reign of 19 years per king, Ramayana events can be dated to 1671 BC.

The epic Ramayana itself consisting of twenty-four thousand couplets is believed to be the first poetical work of purely human origin in Indian literature, being credited to Valmiki (c.

His work led to validation of 5561 BCE as the year of Mahabharata War while falsifying more than 120 alternate claims.

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Thus Mahabharata War took place 32 generations after Rama's time.