Where I grew up, a mixed-race family was something of an anomaly.

Families, according to our neighbours – and the pictures on cereal boxes, board games and holiday brochures – meant a white mother and a white father and two children, preferably a boy and a girl, ideally blonde.

Individuals of multiracial backgrounds make up a significant portion of the population in many parts of the world.

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There is another more PC term for theplump little bundle I strap to my front. The usual time something is labelled'mixed' is when it's a packet of nuts andthey've bulked out the luxury cashews withcheaper peanuts.

I'm not sure I want mydaughter to be regarded as an adulteratedversion of some pure original. The truth is, whatever the label, the factthere is a label proves that my daughter'sconflicting parentage matters.

While some of the terms used in the past are considered insulting and offensive, there are many socially acceptable modern terms that multiracial people identify with.

These include mixed-race (or simply "mixed"), biracial, multiracial, multiethnic, polyethnic, half, half-and-half, métis, creole, mestizo, mulatto, melungeon, criollo, chindian, dougla, quadroon, zambo, eurasian, hāfu and pardo.I felt protective,insulted, worried, ashamed, guilty, all atonce. My twinsister, who I spend a lot of time with, has a Danish partner.As a consequence, she hastwo boys who are also pale skinned andflaxen haired. " This is what oneof my friends recently saidabout my much adored -12-week-old daughter. But it was a comment that struckme with the force of a jab to thestomach. My home is on the border of the London Republic of Hackney.Immediately, I was overwhelmed by aconfusion of emotions. I've been to the Notting Hill Carnival, even if I found themusic a bit loud. I am white and I have two sons from myfirst marriage who are both milky complexioned and golden haired.My favourite contributor to Petrie’s show, a Caribbean lady called Mary, pointed out that her three mixed race children were each totally different colours and remarked pithily that, for reasons she didn’t quite understand, one of them ‘looked Chinese’.