I persuaded her to seize the moment that she was between the racks and any man and pretend that she was interested in something on the lower shelves.

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She said he directed her to perform sexually explicit acts for him on camera, the complaint says.

After his arrest, but while the girl was still with authorities, Haggerty called the girl's cellphone from a phone in the Rocky River Police Department booking cell.

I want to tell you about a case that happened to me three years ago.

I anyone else not to tell, but the memories of his experiences haunt me, I always think back to the events of that evening and it gives me no incomparable excitement.

CLEVELAND, Ohio -- A Canadian man whom flew to the Cleveland area to have sex with a 17-year-old now faces a child pornography charge in the United States, as investigators said they found sexually explicit images of the teen on his computer, according to a criminal complaint. Stephen in New Brunswick, was detained by Rocky River police on Thursday after authorities watched him travel from Cleveland-Hopkins International Airport to Linden Park in Rocky River, the complaint says. Department of Homeland Security agents intervened before that could happen, and Haggerty was held on a state charge before federal prosecutors charged him on Friday.

Haggerty's plan was to meet up with a 17-year-old, and to then to go with the girl to the Days Inn on Lake Avenue in Lakewood to have sex. Local authorities reached out to the Canadian Mounted Police Friday after Haggerty's arrest here.

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