Subsequent analysis revealed that the juice contained Xanax, a medication for treating anxiety. In an FBI investigation, the flight attendant denied drugging the child. (We tend to recall our more exasperating flights, even if they are rare.) 2.

That so few infants cry in flight is actually surprising considering that air travel disrupts their sleep and feeding schedules, they rest in unfamiliar and sometimes uncomfortable positions, and, if they are on a lap, are disturbed every time the parent moves. Medicating infants solely to please parents and other passengers goes against the grain of modern medical ethics. (Though there is a counter argument: If we knew infants are crying because of abdominal cramps or earaches most doctors and parents would medicate to relieve the discomfort.)Our surveys indicate that infants who do cry are generally the same ones who cry excessively at home, and often at about the same hours on the clock.

For pets–who can’t check the departure monitors or talk to the gate agent–it can be even more confusing and anxiety-provoking. Because air travel can be so unsettling for dogs, and especially puppies, the ASPCA advises owners to find alternatives to commercial airline travel for their pets–certainly for animals checked in as cargo, but even for small dogs who could go in the airplane cabin. For those occasions, a little advance planning is the key to your dog’s comfort.

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Last summer I took him on a 1-hour flight to San Francisco.

I bought him a Thundershirt and Mutt Muffs to see if that would help.

What I really want to know is what sedatives or medication have you taken along on flights to help your kids when necessary?

I have nightmares of him screaming nonstop the whole flight, and being so exhausted and stressed, I really want to do all I can to prevent this, so please any advice or recommendations would be greatly appreciated. I know some people use phenergan as a sedative but it really isn't recommended to sedate a toddler for any reason not medically necessary.

(I have no fear of flying, BTW, so I know it wasn't my energy he was picking up on.) I was so gutted by seeing him in such a deep state of distress -- it seemed like his heart was going to stop or something!

I travel a lot for both work and leisure, so it's pretty much not an option to stop flying or to leave him at home.

(He's certified as my Service Dog, so he gets to sit on my lap or on the floor -- he doesn't have to be in a carrier.) Then, a couple months after that, I took him on a 2.5 hour flight and I expected he would do just as well, but he had a major panic/anxiety attack during the entire flight there and back.

There was nothing I could do or say to calm him down or snap him out of it -- he was completely shut down.

As it turns out, dogs are not allowed on flights during holiday season where I am.

But should I ever need to fly her in the future, no sedation.

A flight attendant was later charged with assault for allegedly putting a prescription depressant in a 19-month-old girl’s apple juice to stop her crying.