Check the manufacturer and the serial number to date the pocket watch.Comrade, in my opinion, others can refute or back up my post.While their altruism was vital to the war effort, Elgin’s patriotism ironically opened an opportunity for the Swiss.

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If the serial number includes a letter, enter it along with the number when using the lookup feature. There are three or four logos used on silver to identify the country of origin and date. Although I'm disappointed it's not a s watch, I'm still happy that it seems to be an original antique watch from early s. For a longer explanation, see my Newer Elgins webpage. Use the National Association of Watch and Clock Collectors NAWCC website see References or a book on watches to find this information.

It is a hunting Case pocket watch movement in an open face case.

Total production over their 100 years of operation reached nearly 60 million watches, which is nearly 50% of ALL the jeweled watches produced by American watch companies!

The Elgin Watch Company's success was not built on its production of the highest-grade watches, though some of their higher grades were top-quality, exquisitely made timepieces.

If you are ever offered, or are attempting to buy an Elgin antique pocket watch, there will always be a serial number on the movement.

It if doesn’t exist or has been scraped off or tampered with, then I would avoid it as something is fake about it.

Here are a few tips to find information about your pocket watch:.

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I carbon dating undercuts evolution long ages have the key and a 9ct gold chain for it. Jjohn To me this does not look like a movement from the A Hunting Case Pocket Watch.

Case serial number The Online Database for the Elgin Watch Company can tell you a great deal of information about your watch, based on just the serial number dating a pocket watch the movement.

If the serial number includes a letter, enter it along with the number when using the lookup feature. Others may require a dull wide blade to pry or pop dating an elgin pocket watch cover. Always select the correct manufacturer, which is usually stamped on the watch movement. M MCKINLEY 21J POCKET WATCH CANTON OHIO KEEPING TIME.