","description":"Several Groups Attack \u0027Temptation Island\u0027","url":"https:\/\/ Id":"9d1f4334-8c88-11e2-b06b-024c619f5c3d","show Zeros":false}' Fox television says its racy new reality series, Temptation Island, is not about sex but the show's participants were tested for sexually transmitted diseases.

Conservative and religious groups are up in arms after seeing only promos for the series, which debuts Wednesday.

An outrageous new American TV show which tempts participants to be unfaithful to their partners and have sex with other people is causing a storm of protest.

Temptation Island, which starts today in the US, consists of six, one-hour long episodes.

The contestants then have the chance to vote off the island the people they think their partners find most attractive.

The winner - the person who avoids all temptation - will walk off with a cash prize.

Fox was burned last spring when it came out that its Who Wants to Marry a Multimillionaire groom, Rick Rockwell, had a restraining order issued against him by an ex-fiancee.

Fox refused to say whether any of its Temptation Island participants succumbed to temptation. The men and women in the committed relationships have the chance to vote off Temptation Island - actually a resort off Belize - the people they think their mates would want to date.

Entertainment industry trade papers speculated Thursday that the ongoing shakeup reflects owner Rupert Murdoch's frustration with the eight-year-old network's inability to compete on the same level with the three established broadcast networks.

Last year, Murdoch outbid CBS for the broadcast rights for the National Football League's National Conference games, which include the Super Bowl.

I have decided it is time for a new challenge,' he said.