The discreet dating site that encourages people to have affairs, and the same one that got hacked in 2015 exposing the names and email addresses of millions of members, is "back", and with more users than ever.

The fallout led to reports of blackmail and even suicides.

The financial penalty, split between the federal government and US states suing the company, would increase to $8.75 million to the FTC plus $8.75 million to states if Ashley Madison fails to abide by new information security practices and refrain from misleading consumers.

One of the best-known cheating sites is Ashley Madison.

Curious about what it's like to use such a site, I went undercover (so to speak) for a month on Ashley Madison to take a look inside.

Maybe it’s simply a way to find friends with similar interests?

That’s how it came to pass that (after telling my husband that I was writing this column), I joined.

Full of scammers just want to take your credit card details. There is monthly charge opening & closing the account charge. Wish I read these reviews before using this website.

Models, overseas ladies despite my search being 50k or less, oriental ladies trying to scam. Stay clear I've been on for a short time a few months Found nothing but models and scammers very rarely get replies Most are very similar suppose they are computer generated Still have got close to a meet yet Worst site I've been on Yes I've been rewarded too keep me here longer but still nothing happens no mails get returned Pete workenonu1 June 6th 2017 Update: Don't waste your money Well after 400 credits ill be leaving soon what a waste off money Not 1 person responded to my full messages ones that did we only scammers models and foreigners Many have more than 1 id so you can message same person many times Watch out for one that message you and then close their account and they don't check your profile This has been the biggest waste off money I've ever had I have to say that ABSOLUTE MORONS are working at Ashley Madison. Messages mysteriously re close themselves to look like you have new messages people never reply and loads of fake profiles and overseas scammers double billed me and eventually got credit but short some!! I have been a member of this site for some time in Australia... I really do wonder how many of the very few might not actually be employed by AVID DATING LIFE PTY LIMITED.

"This case represents one of the largest data breaches that the FTC has investigated to date, implicating 36 million individuals worldwide," said FTC chairwoman Edith Ramirez.