The prosecutor's arrest warrant issued for the Brotherhood's supreme guide, Mohammed Badie, as well as nine other leading Islamists will almost certainly stoke anger among the group's supporters and fellow Islamists.

Even as the new prime minister began reaching out to form a Cabinet and restore a measure of stability, the military-backed leadership has come under fierce criticism from those who supported its toppling of President Mohammed Morsi last week After a week of violence and mass demonstrations, Egyptians were hoping that the start of the Muslim holy month of Ramadan on Wednesday will significantly calm the turmoil in the streets.

- Each summer, wealthy male tourists from Gulf Arab states flock to Egypt to escape the oppressive heat of the Arabian Peninsula, taking residence at upscale hotels and rented flats in Cairo and Alexandria.

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It was great to see we had actually got it and it's so clear."The top of the shadow was in the shape of a pointed hood and it walked straight into the tomb on the right. I definitely think it could be his spirit."From what I know, the museum is meant to be quite active with reports of Nesyamun being seen."So our first visit to a museum that's meant to be haunted by a mummified priest and we managed to film a shadowy figure darting off into his tomb.

It was brilliant."As much as I believe in the paranormal I like to be sceptical so the first thing I do when we capture something is try to debunk it."For one of us to create that shadow there would have had to be light behind us but there wasn't.

Mr Reynolds said: "All the equipment was going crazy and that only happens if something sets off the alarms."It was Jane our camera lady who saw the shadow.

We didn't at first so we just had to trust that it would be there."When it came to editing the video we were praying it wasn't just something she had seen with her own eyes.

The sunrise-to-sunset fast cuts down on activity during the day, but the daily protests have been largely nocturnal affairs, and some observers expect the Islamist camp will likely use it to rally its base.

Still, the warrants highlight the military's zero-tolerance policy toward the Brotherhood and other Islamists, who continue to hold daily mass protests and sit-ins demanding reinstating Morsi and rejecting what they describe as a military coup.

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