Any relationship between Leo and Sagittarius is sure to start quickly and passionately.

They most certainly share some fantastic times together as they both fuel each other’s spirits, inspiring each other to reach new heights in love.

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Sexually, they are an intellectually stimulated pair.

Dates will involve endless chatting but sex will entail even more.

Pillow talk between a Sagittarius woman and a Gemini man may last longer than the sex!

Gemini Woman Dating Sagittarius Man Opposites attract!

You'll need crash insurance for the times that your grand schemes don't reach your projections.

At moments, you both lapse into overthinking, which can kill the celebratory vibe.

Libra man and Sagittarius woman belong to the so-called dual zodiac signs, which imprint duality in the human nature and behavior.

According to the compatibility horoscope, one can see that this union is very complicated because each of the couple has a duality, and it is very difficult to predict on which scenario their marriage will be.

Caution: the view from your rosy lenses can be a bit myopic.