The number one thing that most random cam users complain about is not being able to lure people to their webcam long enough to hold a discussion.This problem is an issue that can easily be resolved by using various luring techniques.So, my webcam working in skype, but in sites like omegle or chatroulette doesn't work...i tryed a lot of thing like going in chrome://plugins and desativate NPPAPI and other tips...

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Wearing makeup or even wearing new clothes will normally help you out a lot. Opt for a newer webcam with HD streaming qualities. Sure you may be a heavy smoker that goes through 3 packs a day, but nobody likes watching another person smoke on cam. Being different is so important on random cam sites like Chatrandom.

This will normally lure tons of additional people to your webcam. If you want to smoke, leave the cam for 5 minutes and come back when you’re done. If you’re just another brick in the wall, nobody will feel the need to stick around for a chat.

Chrome allows you to place a handy favourites bar right under your navigation bar which makes browsing between your favourite websites easy.

With video chat sites, this is a leader because of its lightning fast browsing speeds.

This web browser comes equipped with all of the necessary plugins you need in order to get started.

However, you may need to update some plugins and extensions such as Shockwave Flash in order to get this web browser to function at its best.When it comes to using your computer to go online, you will normally use a preferred web browser.Almost every single one of us has our own preferences; some of use prefer using the good old Internet Explorer, some prefer Firefox and some may even prefer using Safari.Dress differently, talk differently and behave differently from all of the other users.You’ll instantly notice more people finding you interesting. Be quick about getting the conversation off the ground.Let’s take a look at how the popular browsers handle video chat sites.