The ' Love The Way You Lie' rapper has admitted he finds it difficult to go on a date because he is famous.

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soundtrack, she was no stranger to the music industry long before her big break.

In fact, Skylar Grey has been performing since the age of six and had already made three folk albums with her mother by the age of fourteen.

So I did that and brought it back to him, and he added his part, and then he also suggested that I add a bridge of my own.

So we were bouncing it back and forth until we got it right." Grey says the first single will bring a more fun and sarcastic side of her personality to the table and the video will really paint the full picture.

Upon speaking with Skylar Grey, I realize that she has a truly inspiring story to tell which comes from such a personal and honest place that it’s hard not to relate.“I was pretty much living on nothing in a little cabin in the woods and just trying to get back in touch with who I was.

Walking around by myself in the woods, there was nobody there to tell me what to do, nobody there to criticize me, nobody there to do anything except me.Skylar Grey is an especially compelling and exceptional artist - and while we can thank over twenty years of a highly diverse musical background for this eclectic sensation, we’d be downright fools not to recognize Grey for the supreme talent that she so innately is. There’s something outstanding about Grey’s rich, full-bodied voice and music that pulsates with an enticing edge throughout.Each song of hers rides inside this vortex of penetrating melody and ingrained passion that transcends merely being catchy.One of those new tracks will be the Eminem-featured single "C'mon Let Me Ride," set to debut December 11 with an accompanying video."Usually what happens is that I'll come up with an idea, or I'll have a piece of a song, and then I'll go to Detroit and play it for him or play a few different things for him," Grey said, breaking down the recording process with Em.And then it changed, and I thought I wouldn't be able to sing again, because I thought you had to sing like Christina Aguilera to be a singer.