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Technically, Filipino is considered a variant of the native Tagalog language of the Philippines.

Practically speaking, however, Filipino and Tagalog are essentially the same language.

The Filipino language has an intriguing history surrounding its name.

Sometimes confused with the Tagalog language from which it is derived, and previously referred to as Pilipino, the Filipino language was not declared the official language of the Philippines until 1987.

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All the roughly 160 native languages of the are Austronesian, although it is likely that the now highly marginalized hunter-gatherer populations of Negritos originally spoke languages of other affiliations.

Approximately 110 Austronesian languages are spoken in in southern China.

Filipino is considered the proper term, especially by Filipino-speakers who are not of the Tagalog group of peoples.

Filipino and Tagalog, the basis for the modern Filipino language, are mutually intelligible and in fact essentially identical.

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