As she pushed your way to that overcrowded subway,…What’s one goal that almost everyone, regardless of profession, wants to achieve? Swimming is one of those activities that often gets overlooked for its fitness benefits.

This usually happens after a few months of training commences. It’s Friday afternoon, the day that Sally has been waiting for the entire week.

She carelessly cleaned her office desk and excitedly brushed her way to the bustling crowd.

My Wing Girls and myself are just like every other woman in the world but we DO understand what women want, we know how to articulate it, and lucky for men, we know how to properly explain it to them in a manner that they will understand. How has your past experiences made you an expert in this area? I was out at a singles mixer and no one was interacting!

Literally, the boys were on one side of the room, and the girls on the other.

In these types of situations, having a wingwoman comes into play.

A wingwoman, you may think: wouldn't that hurt me more than help me?

, strove to help women feel sexy, find confidence, and become empowered enough to find the love that they deserve, but we were pleasantly surprised to hear how many men took the advice in that book to help them find the women (or men -- we don't discriminate) of their dreams.

Well, we sure have lots of advice specifically for men, and one day we plan to write a book to teach men , so we were excited when we recently met a fellow Hot Chick with a similar message, who is teaching men all over the country what women want.

As a student you are the luckiest person in the world, you have more opportunities to experiment and try new things.

This same thing is true when it comes to them choosing a career to pursue. It’s said that the Millennials aren’t like other generations – they’re thought to be tech-savvy, extremely self-confident, probably university-educated, excellent multi-taskers, often addicted to an online world but with a clear plan for career development in a real life. Earlier this year, the government of Thailand was forced to close down three popular islands in the coast of Phuket because of the negative impact of tourism.

No, in fact, having a wingwoman will be much better for your efforts than a bro.