I'm a full time student and I have this mental inactivity going on.It works in quelling my anger and my rage, but I think that's just because my systems are always depressed (like down/groggy not sad) I have been reading that this side effect doesn't go away! So how does lithium work, what are the common side effects?

seroquel too sedating for bipolar-74

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These are just my experiences I did really well on 800mg quetiapine modified release, but it messed with my heart so I had to come off it. My main side effects with lithium are thirst and increased peeing.

Otherwise it does a good job - tho I do have to take other meds with it.

I've heard really awful and really bad things, especially about Geodon, but I'm hopeful, especially since it's supposed to be weight neutral which is important to me. My pdoc said twice a day but didn't specify except one should be at bedtime. I took Geodon for about 3 months during a med change i was hypomamic/borderline mania and Geodon helped bring me down fairly quickly. I am now taking a low dose of Seroquel to help me with sleep its helped me quite a bit. I was prescribed Seroquel by my former psychiatrist, starting at 100 mg and then 200 mg. I stopped Seroquel in October to evaluate if it was causing Erectile Dysfunction -- it appears the ED is a side effect of Lyrica NOT Seroquel.

I'm extremely depressed right now so I was thinking Geodon was an interesting choice, but I'll try it. I don't know that it helps with depression much, but I'm sure there is some benefit. Oh, and I have Bi Polar Seasonal Affective Disorder and Fibromyalgia.

I just saw my pdoc and she prescribed me Geodon and Seroquel for sleep if needed, adding to my current cocktail of Depakote, Lexapro and gabapentin. I hope the medication works out well for you and you start feeling better soon.

Have any of you had any experience with either of these drugs? I take 1200 mg of Lithium in divided doses, morning and evening.I've lost so many things because of this condition....The chance of having another child My indepence (not being able to drive at the moment)My relationship with my husband has turned into a patient carer one My confidence and esteem And now my voluntary position which may have lead to a paid job.I am sick of saying this, but its true, that when we are at our most vulnerable is when we have to fight most for ourselves and its just not right! Get the meds right, and then ask for therapy to help with the mood also. There is a fair bit of research which reports that quetiapine is an antidepressant in large doses, but there again, so is olanzapine apparently.But as you are aware, it's actually quite tranquillising and if you're depressed anyway...... I tried to eat when I took it, but I didn't always.