Following the movie's weekend screening at SXSW, we're finally seeing our first footage of Andre in the movie, and he's definitely far out.

Unfortunately we're not sure how much we're going to...

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Sources tell Bossip that Eufaula is very close to “Dre” as the source calls him and that she is one of the few persons that have been allowed to get close to the eccentric Hip-Hop fashion and cultural trailblazer.

“No one understands Dre’s weirdness and she does, so they are pretty tight” says the source in Atlanta who is close to Eufaula’s camp.

During the past six months, the two are said to have taken things up a notch.

The source goes on to say they jog regularly together at Chastain Memorial Park which is located in one of the lushest areas of Buckhead in Atlanta after sleeping together the previous night.

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Beyonce will be joining forces with "Party" collaborator Andre 3000 to cover the late Amy Winehouse's "Back to Black" for the soundtrack of Baz Luhrman's upcoming The Great Gatsby.I see that there was a blog started but never finnished. I am a little puzzled but quite curious as to what the commotion is really about. The source says the business relationship between the two will go as the relationship goes but “everything is going great.” Eufaula is at the “top of her game professionally” and has even hired a personal assistant named Bridget Moran says the source.“Having Dre is the icing on the cake for her” says the source.Here is a conversation from another post about this mystery person who really wants to be in the spotlight and claims to be Andre Benjamin loves interest.