As a nation of hopeful law school grads sit for the bar exam this week, it brings back memories of my adventures in bar exam-taking and how alcohol and drug use affected those efforts. The one-half being the Texas Bar exam which allows you to pass one part and fail another without failing the entire exam.I have taken three-and-one-half bar exams in two different states. The first bar exam was Pennsylvania in July 1986, just after I graduated from Pitt Law.

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From an addiction and studying standpoint at the time, the upside was that I had not yet discovered the “joy” of that evil white powder, cocaine.

The downside was that I had been a problem drinker or an “alcoholic” dating back to my sophomore at Penn State, and drinking had become my crutch to throw a blanket over a host of other mental health issues including clinical depression and two different eating disorders (traditional and exercise bulimia).

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