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The American Civil Liberties Union in 2012 filed a complaint on behalf of Mullins and Craig, saying Phillips had violated Colorado state law barring businesses from refusing service based on race, sex, marital status or sexual orientation. IMAGE FOR USE AND PUBLICATION ONLY AS PART OF REUTERS SUPREME COURT "Marble, drape and justice: inside the U. Supreme Court" PHOTO ESSAY UNTIL AFTER OCTOBER 1, 2017.

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The court will hear the case in its next term, which begins in October.

The legal fight broke out in 2012 when Phillips told gay couple David Mullins and Charlie Craig that due to his Christian beliefs, his store's policy was to deny service to customers wanting to purchase cakes to celebrate a same-sex wedding.

The two men married in Massachusetts but wanted to celebrate their nuptials with friends in Colorado. Supreme Court legalized gay marriage nationwide in 2015. REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst SEARCH "SCOTUS" FOR THIS STORY. REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst Visitors look on as attorney John Duggan (R) takes photos with his family, after arguing a case at the U. Supreme Court building, on the first day of the court's new term in Washington, U.

At the time, Colorado allowed civil unions but not marriage between same-sex couples. Mullins described being denied service as offensive and dehumanizing. THE IMAGES SHOULD ONLY BE USED TOGETHER WITH THE STORY - NO STAND-ALONE USES. Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy delivers a lecture for visiting international attorneys in the West Conference Room at the Supreme Court building in Washington, U.

Phillips contends the law violated his rights to freedom of speech and free exercise of religion under the U. SEE ALSO: Supreme Court revives parts of Trump travel ban order, agrees to hear case The U. Supreme Court's action came after Republican President Donald Trump's appointee Neil Gorsuch joined the court on April 10, restoring its 5-4 conservative majority.

In prior cases, Gorsuch has embraced an expansive view of religious rights. Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas jokes with his clerks as he describes their decision-making process in his chambers at the U.

Another about how the average age at which people get married has evolved (it has, as you probably know, been creeping upwards for some time).

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