You can also use the My Story feature of Snapchat to share continuous snaps that all your friends can view.

You can type on photo and draw on them before sharing too. However, keep in mind there are many apps like Snap Keep available in the App Store that let folks save Snapchats indefinitely with very little effort and will also bypass Snapchat's screenshot detection.

Keep up the good work, and Dudes, PLEASE try to keep it in your pants!!! 🎣 Great app, but the people using it are uninteresting and boring.

I love sending photos of interesting people, and places I go.

Funding from the swap, where people gather with their chickens, rabbits, goats and ducks to sell or trade, goes towards the exhibitor fees for kids participating in poultry and livestock competitions at three nearby county fairs.

Jim Fegan, 82, of Champion poses for a photo during the Trenary Fur and Feather Swap in Trenary.

We will send that over to our friends at the Volunteer Table and get it added to your volunteer hours!

Core Features that make us different===========================● Swap faces between different photos● Swap as many faces as you like● Swap whole or parts of the face ( Eyes, Lips, Nose )● Copy & save faces to be used again later● Adjust skin tone to match perfectly Face Swap Booth is an advanced tool that allows you to swap your face with anyone else's face across multiple photo.Please only drop off during those times to help keep the Book Swap tidy and organized. Choose from a selection of books wrapped in paper with some brief story elements written on the front. Blind Date with a with be available sporadically throughout the convention so be sure to check back for new selections.We love the enthusiasm you all show for reading and would love to spread that passion to a wider audience, so please consider bringing some children’s and young adult books to the swap this year! If you notice the Book Swap is messy and spend some time tidying it up during the convention, please contact CONvergence Book Swap with your name, badge number, time and duration spent working, and a picture of your handiwork.The CONvergence Book Swap is a great opportunity to pass on print media for all ages when you’re done with them, or to find something new to read! We request that items such as cookbooks, manuals, how-to books relating to computer programs and components prior to 2010, and pornography not be donated.The book swap is available to CONvergence members for the entire duration of the convention. Drop off books for the swap Wednesday through Saturday between pm-pm and on Sunday before noon.This group can NOT be used for: Following are the areas we do NOT cover.