Cars driving up the hill began honking and people all around us began cheering." We would like to wish Brittany and her husband the very best, and congratulate them on this happy occasion!Did you know, Daniel also vanquished Stage IV non-Hodgkin's lymphoma back in 2014? It was the late spring of 2011, and the on-screen character was getting ready for another season on BET's "The Game," simultaneously anticipating moving into another home.

“@jayrellis helping me shop for furniture @roomandboard. #decorating #roomandboard,” she captioned another image.

Brittany Ann Daniel (born March 17, 1976) is an American television and film actress.

star, Jay Ellis is dating his co-star, Brittany Daniel.

But a source close to Ellis tells Hip Hollywood exclusively that the rumors are completely false.

After being diagnosed with non-Hodgkins lymphoma in 2011, the 38-year-old Flordia native has returned to the show to stir up trouble.

Daniel stopped by ‘Sway In The Morning’ to discuss her cancer battle, returning to the show and often being the only white woman on set. Rumors that she dated Keenan Ivory Wayans: I took a leave of absence from the show because I actually went through cancer.. It was really wild being away from the show because playing Kelly Pitts is one of my most favorite characters I’ve ever played.

In one image, the co-stars cozy up for an adorable selife and in another photo, the actor can be seen helping Brittany pick out some furniture.

“Grabbing lunch and furniture shopping with the coolest @jrellis #kellysback#thegamebet,” she captioned one photo.

So it’s kinda nice to say this is what I’ve been going through and now I’m back, now I’m able to finish my story line and kinda feel like there’s some completion because Kelly left and it was like, ‘You got a daughter and what happened?

’ So this season is great because I’m able to answer a lot of questions that the fans were wondering what happened. My response on Arsenio [Hall] was “I think black people just have more fun”.

She is the twin sister of former actress and photographer Cynthia Daniel.