Since (“to leap”) and used because, in a bissextile year, any fixed festival after February leaps forward, falling on the second weekday from that on which it fell the previous year, not on the next weekday as it would do in an ordinary year.includes the Coq au vin cooking style Maple Flaming Turtle or Choice of Chocolate Fondue We will have a special three-course lunch special available from 1-4 pm Saturday and 12-3pm Sunday for per person.As a Christian holiday, you might expect it to have a set date like Christmas.

There’s no living bird that lays bigger eggs than an ostrich, making it an apt name for this mammoth offering from Hotel Chocolat that’s been manufactured to exactly the same size.

It’s available in delicious dark or (our favourite) crispy milk chocolate and the ultra-posh box also contains six hidden golden eggs and a tray of 27 filled chocolates.

Have you noticed that Easter feels quite late this year?

Maybe you didn't realise, but the Easter weekend actually falls on a different date every year, any time between March 22 and April 25.

Here Sosigenes’ suggestion about a tropical year was adopted and any pretense to a lunar calendar was rejected.

The figure of 365.25 days was accepted for the tropical year, and, to achieve this by a simple civil reckoning, Caesar directed that a calendar year of 365 days be adopted and that an extra day be intercalated every fourth year.

An article on Thought Co says that in the early days of the Christian Church, Easter would fall on the first Sunday immediately after the vernal equinox.

However, to establish a more standardised system, in 1583 a table was recorded by astronomers to determine all the future Ecclesiastical full moons. Ever since 1583, the Passover full moon — or Paschal full moon — has been determined from these historical tables, and is the first full moon date after March 20.

But the great difficulty facing any reformer was that there seemed to be no way of effecting a change that would still allow the months to remain in step with the phases of the Moon and the year with the seasons.