He was right, but the problem has only gotten worse.Months later, fatalistically said bans on chants seldom work.Flake: This means that I only have to send the note values to the computer. Flake: There is also such a keyboard on the Segway. Flake: You can hear that we weren't thinking too much on this album. Flake: We used many techniques on this album that we don'T use anymore because they don't fit to our style anymore.

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Amid all this confusion, allow me, your new favorite chicano LGBT ally, to linguistically, culturally, and practically dissect this debate. In Spanish, the term puta means prostitute, and Spanish, like other romance languages, has gendered nouns (a noun is either male or female).

Thus, the term puto is the masculine form, meaning a male prostitute.

Flake: If I acted so serious on stage, people wouldn't believe it.

Flake: I try to break the static feling of being on stage.

"Estos son una panda de hijos de puta que son unos cobardes y que se habrán dado un golpe en la cabeza de pequeños porque alegrarse de la muerte de una persona... Es un hombre que ha demostrado que esta completamente fuera de...

Vutnock: Hi flake why is your name always spelled "Doktor" Christian Lorentz on the credits of your CD's? Flake: Since I refused to go to the army, I wasn't allowed to study.

I wrote back to him and apologised, and said that we thought the name meant something completely different.

De Puta Madre est un groupe de hip-hop belge, originaire de Schaerbeek, à Bruxelles. B., créé en 1989 par Myst, Spark, Moser, Shez, Reno & Racky, regroupe des adeptes de toutes les disciplines du hip-hop (le graffiti, le breakdance, le rap, le deejaying, etc.) et devient vite l'un des groupes prédominants dans la culture hip-hop du début des années 1990 à Bruxelles.

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